FRP / GRP Cable Trays Ladder Type & Perforated Type

NJ Engitech offers wide range of FRP / GRP Cable Trays, supplies in various sizes. These cable trays are manufactured via Automated Pultrusion Process which ensures consistent best quality product. FRP GRP Cable Tray are extremely durable and resistant to all kinds Chemical attack. FRP Cable Trays can be used in the most corrosive and structurally demanding environments across the globe; including, Offshore Platforms, Chemical Plants, Oil and Metal Refineries, Water Treatment Plants and many more industries. Considering all kinds of instrumentation and cable runs, NJ Engitech offers two types of Cable Trays:

  • FRP Ladder Type Cable Tray

  • FRP Channel Type Cable Tray


FRP Ladder Type Cable Trays

FRP Ladder Type Cable Trays are offered by assembling different types of combinations of Pultruded Cross Sections, Side runners and Rungs. The Rungs are epoxy bonded and fastened to demonstrate high strength against Point, Side and Uniform loads.

FRP Channel Type Cable Trays (Perforated)

The channel type, solid bottom, pre-drilled cable trays are designed for light loads namely instrumentation and control cables and for transition from cable trays to individual control points.

Features of Cable tray

NJ Engitech cable trays comes in various sections and profiles which will be suitable under any environmental condition as its surface is covered with rich resin formation providing maximum U.V resistance.

Extra accessories for Cable tray

  • 90 Degree horizontal bend

  • 45 Degree horizontal bend

  • Straight reducer

  • Equal cross

  • 45 Degree vertical bend

  • 90 Degree tee

  • 90 Degree vertical bend

The NJ Engitech Advantages

  • The FRP trays are corrosion resistant. FRP does not corrode in the presence of moisture sun or most chemicals.

  • It is suitable for the highly corrosive off-shore installations where any other material will rust quickly. FRP does not react to seawater.

  • It is fire retardant. This reduces any danger caused due to overheating of cables.

  • It is suitable for chemical plants. FRP does not react with most chemicals.

  • FRP cable trays are very strong. Joints are epoxy bonded for to ensure that there are no weak points.

  • Our FRP trays are antistatic and non-toxic.

  • FRP trays are easy to install, which also means low installation costs.

  • Cable trays are maintenance free. Our trays do not get corroded or fade away. These qualities are inherent in the material and not dependent on any special treatment.

  • Despite its high strength, FRP is very light weight. It is ideal for high altitude installation, since it is easy to lift and install.

  • FRP trays are UV resistant. FRP does not corrode, fade or start to chip away with exposure to sun. It is one of the most suitable materials for places with high exposure to sun.

  • Cable trays are very durable. With high resistance to UV radiation, moisture, chemicals and water, it can withstand almost any environmental condition.


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