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  • Oil & Gas Industries

  • Petroleum Industries

  • Chemical Industries

  • Power Industries

  • Food & Beverages

  • Wind Energy

  • Solar Energy

  • Building & Construction

  • Electrical & Electronics

  • Household

  • Automotive Industries

  • Fertilizer Industries

  • Pulp & Paper Industries

  • Pharmaceutical Industries

  • Turnkey Engineering Contractor

  • Water / Waste Water / Effluent / Sewage Treatment

  • Steel Industries

  • Cooling Towers


NJ Engitech is Pultruded FRP Products GRP SECTIONS india are supplier for wide range of applications due to its extensive advantageous mechanical properties. Below are the list of applications areas where FRP Products finds its best place.

Industrial: FRP is the ideal solution wherever we need a corrosion-resistant, lightweight material. In the industrial sector FRP sections have been used in factories for railings, fencings, and walkways. As a product, it is used in packaging and as a component.

Marine: The high resistance to salt and moisture makes FRP pultruded sections highly suitable for the highly corrosive conditions of marine installments. It is also strong enough to withstand sea currents, sand/pebble erosion and sea storms. It is used as commonly building material, such as off-shore rigs, gangways.

Mining: The biggest problem here is corrosion that results from underground conditions. FRP is used for mining structures such as lifts and for pipes to carry out components.

Chemical: Composites have proven to be the only long-term solution in the highly corrosive chemical industry. These materials rarely react with chemicals and do not experience wear and tear on prolonged exposure. Common applications include walkways and pipes. FRP is also fire and smoke toxicity proof. Hence, it is used to build underground structures like safe rooms.

Oil and gas: FRP has emerged as the preferred conduit for oil and gas. Apart from its resistance to corrosion, the smooth inner surface of FRP pipes improve the flow, while discouraging any sedimentation.

EMI/RFI Testing: FRP’s low electrical and thermal conductivity coupled with its EMI/RFI transparency gives it an automatic edge over alternatives like steel. It is used for antenna, cellular shielding and more.

Power Plants: Low electrical conductivity of FRP is utilized for structural applications in power plants, such as building cooling towers, fences and walls. It is also equally important in building a power infrastructure as component for utility poles.

Building Construction: It is used in a number if ways in construction industry — in walkways, railings, elevators and even as building material. Prefab FRP is one the quickest and most economical ways of constructing a building today.

Water/Wastewater: FRP’s resistance to toxins in wastewater and its smooth surface makes it an ideal material for building water management infrastructure components like pipes.

Transportation: FRP has a wide, if somewhat invisible, presence in transportation. Apart from a important component of vehicles, it is also part of our roads, bridge systems, auto skyways, walkways and more!

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